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Pajarera del Jardín de la Isla

A massive birdcage in this royal, 18th-century garden has sparked a local controversy.  


Aranjuez, located around 30 miles (50 km) south of Madrid, is a charming destination with a rich cultural and historical heritage. The city’s picturesque landscapes along the Tagus River provide a tranquil backdrop for leisurely strolls. If you decide to visit Aranjuez, do not miss the opportunity to visit the famous Royal Palace and its gardens.

Jardín de la Isla, which translates to “the garden of the island,” is one of the most remarkable historical gardens of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez. It was created in the 18th century and is part of the cultural landscape of Aranjuez, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The garden is known for its careful geometric design, fountains, statues, and a wide variety of plant species. Its name derives from its location on an island formed by the Tagus and Jarama rivers. The garden’s special features include the Fountain of Apollo, the Fountain of Daffodils, the Fountain of the Three Graces, and the Fountain of Venus.

One of the most surprising decorative elements of the garden is this huge birdcage, Pajarera del Jardín de la Isla, in which various birds are kept together. In a park full of free-roaming birds, this eclectic structure, which was integrated into the park at the end of the 19th century, is controversial among locals and directly anachronistic for many visitors. What made sense over a century ago probably does not today.

However, with its delightful blend of history and natural beauty, a visit to Aranjuez will undoubtedly become an unforgettable experience.

Know Before You Go

Once in the Jardín de la Isla, look for the path called "La Galería" and just go straight ahead. First you will see the Fountain of Apollo, then the Fountain of the Clock, and finally the Fountain of the Child with the Thorn. You will find La Pajarera del Jardín de la Isla in front of you.

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