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Paris Catacombs Golem

A mud statue stands in the dark tunnels, seeming to hold up the weight of the city above. 


The Paris Catacombs are a massive, nearly 200 mile-long maze filled with twisting alleyways, old nuclear bunkers, underground party rooms, bone-filled ossuaries, and much much more. 

Near one of the main entranceways to the catacombs is a place that is colloquially called “the beach” because of a beautiful wall painting of a wave. Close to this, a surprising figure lurks in the dark, waiting to greet curious visitors.

A giant clay/mud golem stands within the room, seemingly holding the weight of Paris in its mighty hands. It is not known how old it is, and who exactly built it. But it is made by artistic cataphiles who wish to express themselves creatively. This golem is the only known large statue in the whole network, though there are some smaller carvings that can be found on walls. 

Know Before You Go

You'll need a guided tour into the catacombs. Do not try to enter by yourself, as this is dangerous and illegal.

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