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Peter And Paul Fest

Bretten, Germany

One of the most well-known city festivals in the world. 


One of the most well-known city festivals anywhere in the world, the Peter and Paul Fest takes place in June in the German town of Bretten. It dates all the way back to an old shooter’s festival commemorating the successful defense of Bretten in 1504, but counts other influences too. Among them, the traditional Bretten “shepherds’ jump” competition, that was celebrated by all of the local shepherds.

Each year, the Peter and Paul Festival attracts about 80,000 visitors. Many of the townspeople spend much of their time throughout the year preparing by reading up on military history, practicing music, preparing their costumes, studying other forms of performance, and more.

The most unique attraction of the festival is the old folk dances, which are led by an instructor and often involve hundreds of participants learning new moves in a large circle. The festival also provides a fairground that attracts mainly teenagers and children.

On Sunday, the final day of the festival, a huge procession of dressed-up citizens and guests takes place. The guests present themselves as medieval men-at-arms, shepherds, musicians, and jugglers.

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