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Pha Nang Khoi Cave

Tambon Rong Kwang, Thailand

The long underground cave's curiously shaped stalagmites have inspired many legends. 


The Pha Nang Khoi Cave, located in the Phrae province of Thailand, is about a mile long with many twists and turns that lead around uniquely shaped stalactites and stalagmites that have been the source of much folklore. 

At the end of the cavern lies a stalagmite that resembles a woman holding a child. In front of that is a stalactite shaped like a heart. A legend says a woman once stood here waiting for her lover to return, and when he he did, she turned to stone. Some say the woman is Princess Aranyani who fled with her child to protect her lover, who was a commoner. 

There are also two colorful Buddha shrines in the cave, which was formed millions of years ago from the limestone in that region. Today the walls are illuminated by multicolored lights which bathe the limestone in bright colors.

Know Before You Go

The cave is especially popular during the Songkran celebration in mid-April. During this time, a festival is held in the cave. However, it is important to note that the cave is mostly submerged during the rainy season. It is best to visit in the dry season if you want to walk the full length of the cave.

This site can be reached only by car. It is about 40km north of Phray City. Drive along Highway 101 at km 59. A 50-meter-long rail that leads to the mouth of the cave.

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