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Pigs Aloft Museum

Linn, Missouri

The only pig museum in the U.S. holds one of the world's largest collections of pig items. 


The Pigs Aloft Museum in Linn, Missouri, all began after a radio host in Arizona threw a dart on a map as part of a weekly segment. After the dart landed near Where Pigs Fly Farm, the station called the owner, Cindy Brenneke, to chat about her oddly named nonprofit rescue farm.

Susi Honsa, the widow of Ross Honsa, heard about the segment and contacted Brenneke to see if she could donate her late husband’s personal treasures and continue his unfulfilled dream of amassing the world’s largest pig collection. The Pigs Aloft Museum took off after word spread about Brenneke acquiring Honsa’s collection and other collectors reached out to see if she could display their precious porky trinkets as well.

It’s now the only pig museum in the United States, and contains one of the largest collections of pig items on the planet, amassing over 30,000 pieces. It aims to continue growing and eventually become the world’s largest.

The museum is located in an 80-year old barn on a 62.7-acre property. People from across the country have donated hundreds and thousands of their own personal pig items to add to the collection, and even now visitors are welcome to add their own contribution. The museum’s contents are grouped into broad categories and spread throughout the barn.

In addition to housing the Pigs Aloft Museum, Where Pigs Fly Farm also contains over 500 live animals. People can peruse the property and meet its resident donkeys, horses, birds, cattle, and of course, its pigs. The farm also rescues hundreds of cats annually.

Know Before You Go

Hours are Friday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m.

Admission Price: $5/Adults • $3/children (ages 2-12)

Field Trips of 10 or more may be scheduled during the week.

In partnership with KAYAK

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