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The Pools of Castellnou is permanently closed.

The Pools of Castellnou

Rubi, Spain

Cursed swimming pool left abandoned is now a favorite of filmmakers and ghost hunters. 


In the 1980’s, the people of Barcelona would flock to the Castellnou Pools for summer reveling and good, old-fashioned fun. Bussing in from all over the province, they would wile away the hot days enjoying Castellnou’s two giant, refreshing pools, as well as mini golf, a cafeteria, Olympic-sized trampolines and other recreational amusements.

One year, damaging rumors began to spread like wildfire among the guests of Castellnou Pools and made their way into nearby towns. The gossip alleged that the pools were not safe, and in fact were downright deadly. These stories were backed up by tales of several children leaping from the top of the trampoline to their gory deaths, but no one could properly identify these boys that supposedly perished. Despite the lack of evidence that these deaths even took place, the word of mouth brought on the demise of this once bustling recreation goliath.

After decades of abandonment and neglect, the pools are now a golconda for graffiti artists, skateboarders, bikers, independent film makers and of course, ghost hunters. Many parapsychologists claim the place is teeming with supernatural activity, regardless of the unrelenting lack of true evidence that anyone ever died there. Cursed or no, the ruins are tragically beautiful and decrepit, a dilapidated memory of a more innocent time.

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