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New York, New York

Please Don't Tell

Dodge prohibitionists and slide through the telephone booth in Crif Dogs. 

Even in this internet age, finding much about Please Don’t Tell, a speakeasy on St. Mark’s Place, can be a bit difficult. Its website is one page with only a phone number to make reservations. Despite sharing space with Crif Dogs, a late night fried hot dog joint, its menu is unknown until entering (although there are still fried hot dogs). More importantly, just to get in, one must know the number to dial in the non-descript telephone booth.

Of course, Yelp can provide all the answers, but that goes against the whole idea of the place. Find a friend (or a friend of a friend) who has been there and knows what to expect. That’s part of the experience.

It can be easy to feel markedly out of place among the hot dog eating patrons of Crif Dogs. If you can get over your self-consciousness, and the line isn’t unbearable, PDT is a pretty cool experience. Enter the phone booth at the side of the restaurant, and wait, assuming you get through, because the coolest part of the experience is just seconds away.

Know Before You Go

Accessible from 4, 6 Trains at Astor Place Station. Reservations are recommended as the bar is busy on most nights. Reservations are open by phone only at 3 p.m. daily. Without a reservation, expect waiting time for a seat to exceed an hour.