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Podgarić, Croatia

Podgaric Monument

Commemoration of World War II in Croatia bears a striking resemblance to the Millennium Falcon. 

The Podgarić Monument seems to commemorate the birth of science fiction more than World War II. However, all sources point to the fact that the sculpture was erected in 1967 by Dušan Džamonja, as a memorial to a 1941 uprising in Croatia.

The confusion is easy, especially for Star Wars enthusiasts. The monument bears a striking resemblance to Han Solo’s trusty spaceship, the Millennium Falcon. Aside from being a 1970s spaceship doppelgänger, the Podgarić Monument is actually an impressive architectural feat.

Atop a hill in the small town of Podgarić, the monument towers over an artificial lake below. The monument was commissioned by Tito, Yugoslavia’s long-time dictator, who commissioned a number of similar monuments to World War II sites throughout Yugoslavia. Most of the sites were former Yugoslav Partisan memorials, the party which Tito was involved and who took over after the war.

The abstract monuments were meant to symbolize power and triumph, but were poorly maintained after Yugoslavia fragmented. The Podgarić Monument was left to decay, and now attracts only a few visitors, who wander through the ancient walled town.

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Accessible by car from Zagreb