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This unusual sculpture is a work by Finnish artist Alvar Gullichsen. It represents a hybrid between a rubber duck and a marzipan pig. The name Posankka is derived from the Finnish words for these two animals, pig (“possu”) and duck (“ankka”). According to artist statement, Posankka is meant to be both a criticism of modern gene technology, and a representation of the supposed conflict between popular culture and high culture. The sculpture is rendered in the recognizable style of cartoon animals.

Constructed of a fibreglass frame with steel support with composite surface, it is approximatly 5m x 3m x 4m in size

Erected in 1999, it was originally set floating down the Aurajoki river in Turku, Finland. Since 2001 statue is situated near the campus area of the University of Turku and the Turku Student Village. Although initially an object to controversy, Posankka quickly become an unofficial mascot of the city of Turku.

Every winter, a Christmas hat is put on Posankka’s head.

Know Before You Go

Follow E18 road in the direction of Helsinki.

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