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Poza Azul

A spectrum of colors awaits visitors to one of Mexico's most gorgeous bodies of water.  


The water’s surface almost dances before your eyes as the sun’s rays electrify the pool’s rich blue colors.

Poza Azul is quiet and still, but even the subtlest movement brings the water to life in a vivid display of sparkling blue reflections. The spectrum of blue colors in the middle blend with the yellow colors toward the pool’s edge, bringing to mind the mixing of colors in a painter’s palette.

Poza Azul is certainly likely to invoke the imagination and stimulates the senses. An explanation of why is found a little deeper. The water is rich in a light blue mineral that creates a range of colors from sapphire blue to turquoise.

The pool is part of a labyrinth of underground torrents that creates a mysterious and fascinating world under crystalline colors.

There are over 250 bodies of water in the Cuatro Cienegas valley, but Poza Azul, at five meters deep of clear water, is perhaps the best place to observe the beautiful crystalline blue water.

In fact, these pools are remnants of earth’s early waters when the Tethys sea once covered the region.

However, Poza Azul is not just a pretty picture; it is home to one of the greatest riches of flora and fauna in the entire state.

Know Before You Go

There is a visitors center to pay for admission and read the educational information on the site. Tickets are affordable.  

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