Prometheus Esoterica - Atlas Obscura

When you open the red velvet drapped door, visitors are met by grinning skeletons, macabre antiques, and esoteric books. This is Prometheus Esoterica, Winter Park’s own little oddity shop and gothic boutique.

Whether you are shopping for taxidermy needs, wet or dry specimens or looking to add some herbs to your apothecary, Prometheus Esoterica is a must-stop for anyone passing through the Orlando area.

When you stop in, make sure to say hello to the owners Adam DeLancitt and Whitney Hayes. They not only know what the unusual items are, but also the history of the items, where they came from, and where and who they bought them from. It is a very interesting and educational visit.

Know Before You Go

The shop is located in the plaza next to the pizza shop. Closed Monday and Tuesdays.

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