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Pronssikautinen Hauta

One of the oldest structures in Helsinki is this burrow grave that dates back to the Bronze Age. 


If you take a walk along the sea in Humallahdenpuisto in Töölo neighborhood of Helsinki, just after you pass Kesäranta Villa, the official residence of the Prime Minister of Finland, you will come upon a small cliff offering a majestic view of the bay. An unassuming pile of rocks marked by a simple metal plaque can easily escape your notice.

However, this pile of rocks represents by far the oldest still-standing human-made structure in the city of Helsinki. It is a Bronze Age burrow grave of an unknown individual. The grave is estimated to be over 3,000 years old.

The choice of the location and the amount of effort needed to make it tell us that its occupant must have enjoyed a special status in his community in their lifetime. Unfortunately, very little else is known about this burial site.

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