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Prophet Isaiah's Second Coming House

Quite possibly the last cross all humans will ever see. 


The Prophet Isaiah migrated to the United States by way of Canada after having been born in Jamaica.

While working here in the U.S. as a contractor on Mt Erie Baptist Church, he noticed that his hands and tools began to create shapes and designs in the wood for which he couldn’t account. He claims to have heard the voice of God and realized that God was the one moving his hands and creating the shapes. After years of filling the walls of the sanctuary at the church, God called upon him to begin his second prophecy, located right at the Prophet’s home on Ontario Ave.

Around 2007 the Prophet began to build and design what is seen today at his home and has been working tirelessly ever since. He tells visitors that the cross there at his home is the final cross. The cross that all sentient beings will see as they make a final walk down Ontario Ave as they have one last decision whether or not to follow and believe in Jesus Christ. After passing the cross on Judgement Day, everyone will file one by one toward Goat’s Island where Jesus Christ will be to direct believers to everlasting salvation, or to a fiery pit of eternal damnation.

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