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Proyecto Público Prim (Public Project Prim)

This once-abandoned mansion is now a dreamy event space. 


This mansion was neglected for 47 years. Dust and water leaks left it in an uninhabitable state, making it seem doomed to eventually crumble into oblivion.

But fortunately, the mansion has been revived thanks to a rehabilitation project dedicated to restoring the structure while maintaining some of its abandoned ambiance. Today, the mansion is a gorgeous event space. It’s rented out for art exhibitions, cultural presentations, fashion shows, and private events such as weddings and birthday parties.

Parts of the building still feature decaying wood, peeling paint, and windows without glass. Wander its labyrinthine corridors and dark rooms, and you’ll spot faded wallpaper and even graffiti left by the people who once illegally occupied the space.

In its former life, the mansion was the home of engineer Robles Gil, the governor of Jalisco during 1911. It was built in 1899, and its design pays homage to the neoclassical architect Manuel Tolsá. The neighborhood it’s in was known for having exquisite mansions. In 1913, one of the bloodiest episodes of the Mexican Revolution happened nearby.

Know Before You Go

You can visit the house by getting in touch with its management to request a visit or attend one of the events that are held there. 

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