Pyramide des Ha! Ha! – Saguenay, Québec - Atlas Obscura

Pyramide des Ha! Ha!

Despite its name this unique art piece was established to commemorate a tragic flood. 


After the Saguenay River flooded in 1996 causing 10 deaths and over a billion dollars in damages in the areas surrounding its swollen banks, local artists built the Pyramid des Ha! Ha! to commemorate the disaster.

The onomatopoeic name is not actually in reference to laughter but instead to the French term “haha” which refers to an unexpected obstacle, which the river often acted as. The pyramid itself is constructed entirely out of 3000 stacked, triangular “yield” road signs, complete with reflective surface. The interior of the structure features a staircase that leads to a scenic viewing level near the top of the pyramid where visitors can take in the beautiful Haha portion of the river. The shiny red Pyramide des Ha! Ha! might seem like a whimsical piece of statuary given the name and construction, but it’s certainly nothing to laugh at.

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