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Pyramids of the Order of the Guardians of the Pharaohs

Quixeramobim, Brazil

Modern pyramids built to channel positive energy have also fomented local tales of animal sacrifice. 


Rural Brazil is not known for its pyramids, but according to the esoteric Order of the Guardians of the Pharaohs it is the perfect place to build the triangular edifices, although the locals are more than a little skeptical.

The origins of the Order are foggy, but their goal is clear: to expand humanity’s consciousness and help our species evolve to a higher state of being. According to their stated philosophy, this sort of spiritual transcendence can be guided and achieved through the building and use of energy-gathering pyramid structures constructed on focal points of this supposed energy. The ancient pharaohs reportedly knew of this hidden spirit energy in building the famous pyramids of Egypt, but according to the Order, the focal points have shifted and the Egyptian site is no longer active. However the Order has built a few new pyramids of their own at one of the new nexuses.

Located on a plot of land in Ceara, Brazil that the Order has dubbed Rancho Nabucodonosor, two pyramids have been built to help followers of the secretive group to practice their rites and seek a higher plane. The first pyramid was built in 2009 and is the smaller of the two, being made of crude plaster with irregular slits in the walls for windows. The second pyramid is a grander affair, made of uniform stone and featuring a decorative Phoenix gate. According to the Order, the “Grand Pyramid” is the largest temple of its kind still in service in the world.

Due to the hidden nature of the Order, the goings on inside the structures are largely unknown, leading the suspicious and superstitious locals to tell tales of animal sacrifice and nude rituals being conducted in the pyramids. The truth is likely much more mundane but until the pyramids of the Order of the Guardians of the Pharaohs spread enlightenment across the globe, the uninitiated will likely never know.           

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