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Quincy, Massachusetts

Quincy Quarries Reservation

Formerly deadly abandoned quarries are now a rock climber's playground. 

Once known for its stoneworks, Quincy, Massachussets closed its last quarry in 1963 leaving large pits in the ground that have, after a fair amount of tragedy, been transformed in the Quincy Quarries Reservation. 

Tragically, after the quarries were closed, the large open sites began collecting rainwater and groundwater, creating shallow ponds at the bottom of the quarry shafts and a number cliff-jumpers and free divers dove straight to their deaths. Local authorities were at a bit of a loss as to how to stop the rebellious among them from jumping to their demise. Luckily, the nearby city of Boston’s epic construction project, “The Big Dig” had the solution. Dirt from the project was moved to Quincy and used to fill in the majority of the major quarry pits. Now visitors are encouraged to visit the park and explore many of the great climbing options natural rock formations made accessible by the fill.

Know Before You Go

There's a parking lot off Ricutti.