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Radio Kootwijk, Netherlands

Radio Kootwijk

This disused radio station is no longer in service but the surrounding town still bears its name. 

Radio Kootwijk was once the only way the Netherlands had to communicate with their holdings in the Dutch East Indies.

Built in 1918 Radio Kootwijk was a short wave radio station which spurred the building of the town which surrounds the station and which was unimaginatively also named Radio Kootwijk. With the development of more effective forms of communication the station became obsolete and was closed. The main building (Building A) now hosts concerts and the occasional film shoot. The building, which is an atmospheric mixture of Amsterdam and Berlin influences, combined with the landscape provokes an eerie yet tranquil feeling. The station was built far away from any radio interference which in the Netherlands meant building inside the largest (but still modest by international standards) national park.