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Hamilton, New Zealand

Riff Raff Statue

The "Rocky Horror Picture Show" character has a hidden camera that broadcasts people doing the "Time Warp." 

Along Victoria Street in Hamilton, among the array of coffee places, boutique stores, and secondhand bookshops, you’ll stumble across a quaint yet unusual little square. It’s a site that’s sure to please lovers of the cult film “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

The artwork was erected at the former site of the barber shop where the Hamilton native Richard O’Brien, the film’s creator, cut hair in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. There, you’ll find a life-size statue of the character Riff Raff (played by O’Brien) in full alien regalia from when he time warps from the fictional planet Transsexual. 

Those who take the time to look more closely at the brightly colored surroundings will find something else too. Along with the statue are instructions on how to do the iconic “Time Warp” (again). The dance instructions are located in front of a camera, so people can jump to the left and step to the right until they can’t thrust their pelvises any longer, all while being broadcast over the internet.