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RONDO Distributing Co.

For the last eight decades, this curious shop has been ridding Atlanta of bad juju. 


Rondo’s Luck Shop—also known locally as RONDO Distributing Co., Rondo’s Temple Sales, the Lucky Candle, or Rondo Spice—is an institution that has been serving Atlanta since 1944. Whether you’re suffering money trouble, unrequited love, or simply need a hex removed, Rondo’s has the candle, incense, or spell to suit a wide range of spiritual needs.

Their online store, the Lucky Candle, boasts “an extraordinary array of products…of the highest quality.” And indeed, with any visit to their brick-and-mortar space, you’ll see shelves stacked with colorful boxes, bottles, candles, and more. There are books, charms, soaps, sprays, and curio kits—if it can serve your spiritual needs, you’ll find it here. It’s the kind of place where you might spot a box labeled “MONKEY PAWS”, and, upon asking to look inside the box, will be politely told you may not. In other words, a bit of witchy know-how is recommended before visiting.

Some say Rondo’s Luck Shop is “dedicated to the extermination of bad juju.” With sometimes inconsistent store hours, you may need some good juju yourself to visit while it’s open. Of course, there’s a reason some say you make your own luck—people have been making it at Rondo’s for quite some time.

Know Before You Go

According to online reviews, the store’s hours are quite flexible—be sure to call ahead before visiting. For those who have visited in the past: the store moved from its original downtown location to a new spot in Cobb County in early 2022.

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