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S'Archittu, Italy

The titular "little arch" near this Italian resort is one of the most popular diving spots in the country. 


Formed from natural erosion of the soft, porous rock finger that extends out into the sea, S’Archittu (“little arch” in the Sardinian language) is a natural arch in the west of Sardinia that has been attracting vacationers and nature lovers since its discovery.

The scenic 15-meter tall arch acts as a sort of underpass beneath a rock bridge that leads to the tip of the rocky protrusion. A frequent photo opportunity, the natural wonder is actually illuminated during the evenings. Visitors can walk over the arch and dive off the rock bridge into the surrounding waters. Diving off the top of the arch has actually become so popular at the site that the 2001 High Dive World Championship used the rocky shelf as a venue for their competition. 

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August 13, 2014

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