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Sanctuary Stone

This stone once marked the boundaries of Liverpool's medieval markets.  


The Sanctuary Stone sits on Castle Street in the center of Liverpool. It’s thought to be one of the oldest artifacts related to the beginning of Liverpool.

The stone once marked the boundaries for the medieval markets that took place in the town for centuries. Three other similar stones may have also existed on High, Dale, and Water Streets. All would have been a few feet tall originally.

The origin of the name is unknown but one legend is that, within the marked perimeter, goods could be taken from stalls, as long as they were not carried beyond the boundary stones. If so, one could expect to be arrested if caught.  Unfortunately, even the local historical society finds this very dubious.

Just one stone remains not far from the Town Hall denoted by a small sign. 

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Located at 22 Castle St, Liverpool L2 4TX, UK, on the left hand side while facing the Town Hall. 

The plaque is on the right side of the old Natwest Bank, soon to reopen as a branch of the restaurant Elif.


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