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Sasquatch Caves

Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

Children's play area billed as a home to Bigfoot. 


Approximately 200 feet long, Sasquatch caves is a series of above ground tubes that are connected with one another to create “Harry’s home,” a children’s play area that is billed as the home to Bigfoot. It’s probably not the home to a real Sasquatch - though we can never be sure - but it is a fun place to visit if you have kids in tow.

British Columbia, the area where the Caves are located, has been a fertile location for sightings of a bipedal hirsute hominid known colloquially as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. There have purportedly been more than 200 reported sightings in British Columbia alone. So, whether in the Caves or not, you might be lucky enough to spot something during your trip.

But maybe not. Scientists discount the existence of Bigfoot and consider it to be a combination of folklore, hoax, and misidentification, rather than a living animal, in part because of the large numbers thought necessary to maintain a breeding population. A few scientists, including the famous Jane Goodall, have expressed interest and possible belief in the creature. Bigfoot remains one of the more famous examples of a cryptid within cryptozoology and an enduring legend.

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