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Sauer Castle

This Italianate Villa-style castle is pretty to look at, just keep off the private property. 


Finished in 1874 as a palatial family estate and now carrying a National Historic Landmark designation, Sauer Castle is a fine example of Italianate Villa-style architecture. Now if only vandals and other superstitious jerks would just leave the place alone.

Originally inhabited by the family who built it, the home passed briefly out of the hands of the family in the 1950’s but is now once again owned by a direct descendant who is the great-great-grandson of Sauer.

For years, the property has been steeped in ghost stories and urban myth, which has, in turn, led to curious trespassers, who have attempted to come onto the grounds. However, the home continues to be in constant use while undergoing long-term restoration. We have been assured by the current owner that there are no ghosts and no hauntings and that vigilant security makes sure that no one comes onto the property.

The Sauer Castle seems to be the victim of the kind of mob mentality that can make people do some very stupid things. Should anyone still want to go see the castle, keep in mind that it is private property and that the family wants to maintain its privacy. Despite what some sites might have you believe (ourselves previously included), it is far from abandoned, so keep a respectful distance from outside the gates. Unless you want to get haunted by cops.  

Know Before You Go

The house is located off the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood. The property is fenced and can best be viewed by walking or driving. Please be respectful of the neighbors, as the street parking can be tight. 

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