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Saut de Brot

Boudry, Switzerland

This lovely little bridge hidden in a Switzerland gorge is essentially a fairytale. 


Tucked away near the bottom of Switzerland’s Areuse Gorge is a nearly fantastical little bridge that looks straight out of a storybook. Of course the Saut de Brot, as it is known, is very real, and absolutely gorgeous.

The lush Areuse Gorge in the region of Brot-Dessous in Switzerland was carved over millennia by what is now the Areuse river. The waters still rush along the bottom of the beautiful natural fissure, between tall walls of stone. The gorge is a popular nature spot for hikers who can traverse the trail that hugs the rocky cliffs. 

However, maybe the most stunning feature is the small bridge that was built to span the Areuse between the canyon walls. Known as the Saut de Brot, the bridge is a simple stone arch that is not overly dramatic in its construction, but is nonetheless singular enough to create an almost fantastical scene like something out of a Tolkien novel or a fairytale. Greenery grows above and around the bridge giving it an even more hidden and secluded feel, even with other hikers and visitors milling around. 

The actual origins of the bridge are unclear, although it seems like a recent addition despite the stone construction. It was obviously not built by elves, but it almost seems like it could have been.

Know Before You Go

The hike to the bridge is easy and stunning. You can choose your entry point and decide whether you want to go on a simple, hour-long walk or whether you want to make a three-hour hike (there are also options in between). If you start at the train station in Noiraigue you have all options open.

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