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Savior of a Friend

Hammond Island, Australia

On Keriri/Hammond Island, a marker shares the Kcymaerxthaereal story of an imprisoned woman and the island she saved and that eventually saved her. 


Created by Geographer-at-Large Eames Demetrios, Kcymaerxthaere is a “parallel universe that intersects with much of our linear Earth, but with different stories, creatures, peoples, even laws of physics and qualities of existence.”  It has been likened to a novel with every page in a different place. What makes the Kcymaerxthaere project particularly interesting is that Demetrios installs informative markers and historical sites at the locations in our world that connect to his world, creating real world intersections with his imagined universe. For the months of August and September, 2014, Demetrios acted as our first ever Geographer-in-Residence and his Kcymaerxthaere locations continue to be featured all over the Atlas. To learn more see our introductory article here

When the ferry lands you at the wharf on Keriri/Hammond Island, take a look around and enjoy the perfect blue around you.

As you face the island, to your right is the main settlement. Now remember, there are no guest facilities (hotels for example) on the island, so be sure you check with the captain about when you need to be picked up. And remember you are a guest. Then turn to the left and walk down the dirt road. When you get to a house, on the far side, there will be a stream (be respectful and quiet as regards the folks in the house). Just on the other side of the stream, probably a bit towards the water, you’ll see the marker.

There you’ll see a story from Kcymaerxthaere, a part of the epic journey of the clan of Nobunaga and the amazing people and creatures they encountered in the journey to understand their fate. Islands are quite important in Kcymaerxthaere because of a quality they have called anggroav, which is a tendency to be their own universes.  And this particularly wonderful island, Ehzhåfr, had been victimized by Kmpass, the Urgend God of Directionality, in his quest to make the world too simple, but eventually it was saved by Mlates gi Dunhuira during the Battle of Some Times. None too soon, Ehzhåfr was able to return the favor.

Know Before You Go

West of wharf at end of dirt road. Use GPS to get oriented upon arrival.

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