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Albertslund, Denmark

An artist has turned what most people would consider a bathroom nightmare into a work of political art. 


When walking from the Albertslund commuter train station in Denmark, the sight of a man in a tub screaming in horror while his bathroom is flooded by sewage will probably catch your eye.

The odd fountain is the work of Danish artist Peter Land, who created “Scenarie” in 2008. The artist uses the piece to raise the question of what happens when the social framework that forms the basis of a society breaks down or is challenged.

Much like a well-functioning bathroom, a well-functioning society is something people take for granted. These bathroom structures breaking down could, according to Land, be described as a plumber’s nightmare; a metaphor for what would happen if society should suffer a similar fate.

Land is also aware of the response art like this can provoke, particularly from members of the community who pass it often. The fact that the piece elicits strong reactions was especially evident when, two months after it was unveiled, someone beheaded the man sitting in the tub.  

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"Scenarie" is located right outside of the north exit of the Albertslund commuter train station in Copenhagen.

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