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Schießplatzheide (Firing Range Heath)

Deep in the forest next to Augsburg are abandoned bunkers and bullet traps from the region's military past.  


Generations of soldiers learned the art of warfare at this military firing range beginning in the 1880s all the way through World War II. Today, only faint remnants of the location’s military past can be found in the form of a few bunkers, shelters, and shooting ranges. 

Since 1983, nature began to reclaim much of the area. The bricked-up bunkers are now home to numerous insect species and amphibians. The rest of the heathlands are covered with orchids and other rare plants. Nomadic shepherds often frequent this once busy military training site to feed their herds, which also helps maintain the shrubbery allowing the site to remain visible.

Gunpowder, ammunition, and fuel still remain underground as they could not be removed without destroying the lush and unique landscape. Some of the areas around the site are off-limits due to the instability of certain structures. 

The Augsburg Forest Authority manages the second largest forest area in Germany and most of the former firing range.

Know Before You Go

You can reach the area best by bike or by public transportation/car. The coordinates indicate the entrance to the former shooting range. The heathlands are 400 more meters to the east and can easily be reached on the path "Eulen."

As soon as you arrive at the facility unit for groundwater extraction on the right-hand side of the path, turn left pass the biotope, and stay on the path northwards.

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