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Schoolhouse Cinema

Out Skerries, Scotland

A remote island holds what claims to be Scotland's smallest cinema. 


An old schoolhouse on the Out Skerries, part of Scotland’s Shetland Islands, holds what is believed to be the smallest cinema in Scotland. The tiny space is crammed with 20 plush blue seats, carted all the way to the remote chunk of land from an Odeon Cinema in Manchester, England.

Schoolhouse Cinema offers residents and visitors to the island the full theater experience. In addition to the comfortable chairs, moviegoers can munch on fresh popcorn and enjoy their favorite films on the high definition screen. People can even request specific movies, as long as they give seven days notice.

Christopher Harris, an entertainer and skilled fire breather, opened the cinema in 2017. It’s the first cinema on the Out Skerries, a small archipelago that totals roughly two square miles and houses a population of just over 70 people. Harris screened Stuart Little 2 during the theater’s debut weekend.

In early 2018, he’ll also open a mini spa and gym facility, complete with a hot tub and sauna. He hopes that these new additions, along with the cinema, will attract more people to Shetland’s most easterly island, which is about 200 miles from the coast of Norway.

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