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Scientology's Trementina Base

Trementina, New Mexico

A strange symbol marks a secret Scientology base, and is meant to guide its leader back to Earth. 


The Church of Scientology is one of the most secretive of institutions, highly guarding its practices and organizational structure, even from members within the church.

Founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard who died in 1986, the basis of the religion revolves around the idea that human beings originated in another part of the universe before settling here on Earth. The church has several bases, but one of the most shadowy of locations is their Trementina Base which is said to contain the writings of Hubbard written on giant steel slabs, and underground tunnels and barracks.

What is most peculiar about the base is what is seen from the outside, from several thousand feet above — the church’s symbol which has been carved into the ground and can be seen from a flying craft. It is believed that this symbol was placed here by senior members to guide Hubbard, who is thought to return to Earth from death and from beyond. 

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