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Sentul Depot

After being bombed and largely abandoned, this former railway workshop has been transformed into a lively market space.  


Though most locals may know Sentul Depot as a newly-emerged hub for the city’s ever-evolving cultural and creative scene, the historical site was not always known for this.

Sentul Depot initially started off as an engineering workshop in the early 1900s, where around 5,000 engineers would come for work each day. When World War II began, Sentul was one of the last towns in the country to be bombed by the Allied Forces. Though initially partially rebuilt thereafter and resumed as a workshop by KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu, or Malaysia’s local rail services provider), Sentul Depot never regained its former charms and glory, before eventually settling down as a shelter for decommissioned locomotives. 

Fast forward to today, the once-dilapidated historical site has since been rejuvenated as one of the top spots for the city’s ever-evolving modern lifestyle destinations. Sentul Depot is now home to plenty of rustic-yet-refreshing architecture, food and drink booths offering local delicacies with slight twists, as well as a substantial event space showcasing occasional local performances and bazaars.

Know Before You Go

The venue is closed Mon, Tue, Wed and open 5pm - midnight Thu, Fri, and 10am Sat, Sun. It is a short walk from either Sentul Barat or Sentul metro stations.

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