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Shrum Mound

A 2,000-year-old Adena burial mound located along a busy street in Columbus, Ohio. 


Located right off a major road in the Columbus metropolitan area sits this 2,000-year-old conical burial mound. 

Constructed by people of the Adena Culture, this 20 foot high, 100-foot diameter burial mound sits between a roadway and an operating quarry lake. There are two dirt pathways up to the top of the mound: one starting at the entry gates and being a more gradual path and a second, steeper, and more direct route on the western side. 

The mound has been cleared of trees and is more pronounced today. The mound has never been excavated so the contents are unknown, but the similarly sized (and namesake of the Adena Culture) Adena mound was found to contain 23 human burials along with artifacts such as copper jewelry, spear points, and carved objects.  

Know Before You Go

The parking is a pull-off on the west side of the road. It is better to approach from the north and park facing south, as reentering the road is somewhat dangerous due to the high speeds (50 MPH limit). Other than the signage and two benches there are no facilities or accommodations for visitors.

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