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Memphis is famous for its barbecue and for being the home of musicians as great and as different as Aretha Franklin and Elvis Presley. Silky O’Sullivan’s, a barbecue-friendly Irish pub on Beale Street, gives visitors the chance to meet some of the city’s other luminaries.

Past the pub’s dueling pianos, beyond the specialty drinks served in huge plastic buckets, a goat pen lines O’Sullivan’s outdoor-seating area. This pen is the key to what sets Silky’s apart from the other bars that line Beale Street: beer guzzling goats.

There is another item here, one of only four of its kind known in the world. That’s right, a goat tower. Goats love climbing things, and have even been known to stand on the backs of cattle to get a little height. This tower allows the goats to do their climbing in style, and though the goats climb this tower while sauced, the goats can apparently hold their beer, as there has yet to be a single accident involving a falling goat. The same cannot be said about the bars simian patrons.

The lager-loving goats are available for feeding year-round.

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