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Site of operation Backfire

Cuxhaven, Germany

WWII rocket launchpad in rural Germany and site of operation backfire. 


Immediately following the war, the British military scrambled to gather all the rocket technology of now-conquered Germany before it was lost to them. They brought pieces of V2-rockets from all over the country to this ideal rocket launch (near the open sea) in the northern tip of Germany.

A launchpad of concrete was built, as well as some shelters for launch control in the near-by forest. In October 1945, the British launched three V2-rockets with the assistance of German army personnel.

After the launch campaign was over, all installations were dismantled. Even the concrete of the launchpad was removed, though they did not fill up the remaining trench, and it can be still seen today close to the road between Arensch and Sahlenburg southwest of Cuxhaven. The nearby shelters are still standing, and can also be explored.

Many of the leftover German rockets not launched were taken to the Royal Air Force museum in Cosford, England where they are still on display today.

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