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Skemmtigarðurinn Grafarvogi

This Viking-inspired miniature golf course features a pirate ship and views of Icelandic landscapes. 


Jon Gnarr, the legendary former mayor of Reykjavík, took the first putt at Skemmtigarðurinn during the opening of this pirate-themed mini golf course in August 2010. The Best Party politician’s name was added to the massive ship that serves as the centerpiece of the Treasure Hunt course and bears resemblance to the vessels Vikings settlers used to reach this island over a thousand years ago.

While the pirate theme for mini golf is common across the world, Skemmtigarðurinn Grafarvogi has a naturally weathered seaside town look that is unique and matches up with the surrounding landscapes. Small touches like a whale-shaped hole, a small-town facade, borders made of heavy rope, and boat wreckage combine to tie the overall aesthetic together. A view of the nearby Reykjavík Harbour and distance mountain landscapes are bonus features to this Icelandic-feeling 18-hole course. 

Skemmtigarðurinn translates to “amusement park” in English. The name refers to all the additional entertainment options at the facility that include paintball, footgolf, paintball, outdoor laser tag, axe throwing, archery tag, karaoke, and more.

Know Before You Go

Skemmtigarðurinn is a short nine kilometer car or cab drive from the city center in Reykjavík. This is a seasonal entertainment facility and given all of the entertainment options are weather-dependent, it's worth confirming they are open before heading there.

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