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Deep Forest Artland ​Skovsnogen

Kibæk, Denmark

This Danish art forest places loud works of contemporary art among the pensive silence of nature. 


Nestled in the cozy natural climes of a Danish forest, the outdoor art gallery known as Skovsnogen is a dreamy collection of permanent and semi-permanent installations that lead visitors on a surreal walk through a wilderness that has become an adult playground. 

The site is named after the first work to be placed in the area, a giant wooden snake painted bright yellow with a hollow body that people can crawl through (skovsnogen means “forest snake” in Danish), and the privately-owned patch of forest in West Jutland has been accumulating equally strange and grand works of art ever since. To date, the works of over 50 separate artists have been installed on the land, with more appearing, some for good, some just for a bit, every year.  A majority of the pieces are fairly grand in scale, represented by shacks, huts, tall sculptures, and other works which are meant to be interacted with by visitors. Among the many and varied constructions on display are a massive insect with a geometrically angular abdomen, a full size car that is crushed beneath a huge boulder, and giant perfume bottle made of red stone. The various huts that people an enter each carries its own identity as well be it a faux pirate radio station or a hidden room in a stark abstract factory construction.

The open air gallery also plays host to a number of performance pieces year round as the weather itself changes the tenor of the natural space. The best part of all is that experiencing the Skovsnogen Artspace is totally free so whether you come for the eye-popping art or the soul-calming woods, you won’t lose out.

Know Before You Go

You'll need a car or a bike to go there, because there is no public transportation close by. The closest train station is in Kibæk, 14 kilometers away.

Skovsnogen begins at the parking lot on Døvlingvej, 6933 Kibæk (200 m. from Sdr. Ommevej). In the southern part of Herning Municipality, right next to National park Skjern Å. 5 km. South of Skarrild. 2 km. Southwest of Karstoft and 2 km. South of Skarrildhus. If you visit Skovsnogen, we would recommend also to swing by Skarrildhus and take a stroll in the forest and park area.

Distance to bigger towns:
Sønder Omme 10km, Herning 33km, Billund 34 km, Karup air port 34km, Viborg 78km, Aarhus 109km, Odense 151km, Ålborg 155km, Hamburg 308km, Copenhagen 309km.

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