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Sören and Sigurborgar's Rare Stone Collection

This elderly couple's hand-picked collection of rare gems is one of the finest in all of Iceland. 


Located on one floor of their personal home in Eskifjörður, Iceland, Sören and Sigurborgar’s Rare Stone Collection has been growing for over 40 years, and each of the rocks has its own story. 

Featuring everything from cut gems to raw stones to polished rocks, the couple’s collection has been culled from all across Iceland to create a singular portrait of the geological beauty of their country. Lava, crystal, spar, basalt, granite, amethyst, natural plaster, and many more are all arrayed for visitors to touch and see. While not an official museum, the collection can be viewed by anyone with an interest and is widely advertised to guests who are using the town as a stopover on Icelandic cruises. Sigurborg will happily take visitors on a small tour of the stone collection that dominates the first floor of she and her husband’s house. Whether a fan of geodes, gems, rocks, or minerals, Sören and Sigurborgar’s Rare Stone Collection may be quaint, but it has time and attention on its side, strengths which have allowed it to rival many mainstream museum collections.

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