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Abandoned St. Mary's Asylum

Stannington, England

St. Mary's Asylum was isolated and abandoned before being converted into a Bed and Breakfast. 


The isolated St. Mary’s Asylum was opened in 1914 in a quiet part of Northumberland, England near the village of Stannington.

The hospital would go on to also treat tuberculosis patients. During World War II, the military took over the facility so that it would treat injured soldiers. After many years in use the hospital closed its doors. Yet, it’s far-off location has kept many of its buildings and offices nearly intact. Some equipment can still be found among its ruins. There is also a chapel, and the residence for superintendents. 

In 2015, the hospital was renovated and reopened as the St Mary’s Inn and B&B. Many of the original features of the buildings are retained and the chapel is still empty and abandoned, although fenced off.

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