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St. Victor Petroglyphs

Saint Victor, Saskatchewan

An outcropping plays host to the largest collection of pre-contact petroglyphs in Saskatchewan.  

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Located within the St. Victor Petroglyph Provincial Park, these rock glyphs hail from the Late Precontact Period, from around 500 to 1750. While it’s not totally clear who crafted the glyphs, they are believed to have been crafted by the ancestors of present-day Dakota (Sioux) peoples. The ancient artwork depicts animals, humans, and various geometric shapes.

The petroglyphs are some of the few in Canada on a horizontal rock face. They were formally recognized as an important heritage site in 1986. The site holds great importance for its spiritual and historical significance. 

Know Before You Go

To protect the petroglyphs, they are fenced off, but the outcrop is accessible. Extra respect should be shown while visiting this spiritual site. 

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