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Slough, England

Station Jim

This preserved puppy was an adorable beacon of charity. 

Station Jim was a beloved stray who came to be known for his skill as a beggar and today the crafty canine continues to collect coins, even in death.

Otherwise known as “Dog Jim,” the sickly puppy was introduced to the Slough Railway Station in the late 1800’s when he was just three-weeks old. Once he was nursed to health, the smart pet was left to roam the station where he stuck to walkways, sifting among the crowd. When Jim was big enough he was fitted with a small collection box on a harness and the friendly animal would wander the platforms collecting donations for the Great Western Railway Widows and Orphans Fund. Jim was known to bark each time someone dropped a coin in his box. Due to his weakened condition, Jim only collected for a couple of years before he was retired, but in his time the enterprising animal managed to amass over £2,500 by today’s standards.

After Station Jim’s death his body was taxidermied and placed under a glass case in the Slough Train Station where he stands today. The case features a placard with the dog’s remarkable story and a collection slot where visitors can continue to donate to his charities. Anyone who thinks charity is for the birds, never visited Slough.      

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