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Sunland Baobab is permanently closed.

Sunland Baobab

Duiwelskloof, South Africa

A South African bar inside a hollowed out 6,000-year-old Baobab. 


Sunland Baobab in Limpopo, South Africa, is a one stop shop for finishing off a bucket list.

Physically, the giant tree ranks at the top of many lists. It is one of the largest baobabs in South Africa, and at a whopping 72 feet high and 155 feet around, the widest on the entire continent.

Besides its remarkable dimensions, the baobab is also one of the oldest trees on Earth. According to some estimates, Sunland Baobab is 6,000 years old. While there is some controversy regarding the age, carbon dating has placed the tree easily past the millennium mark, putting Sunland Baobab among the ranks of California’s legendary sequoias.

To add to the wonder of the species, Baobabs naturally hollow out after 1,000 years. Sunland may have passed that mark generations ago, and as such has hollowed to such a point that the owners of the land, the van Heerden family, created a small pub inside the space. Amazingly, the rustic bar has 13-foot high ceilings and can comfortably fit 15 people. Mrs. van Heerden even claimed to have once put 40 full-size adults inside for a party.

Visitors wishing to grab a pint inside Sunland can even spend the night in one of five local Jungalows on the property to complete the full safari party experience.

Update: The giant tree trunk split and a third of it collapsed in April, 2016, likely due to its age. It is unclear whether the section with the bar was effected by the collapse. 

Update May 2019: The bar is still open, though it’s run-down and in rather rough shape.

Know Before You Go

From Johannesburg take the N1 to Polokwane, and just before Polokwane take the R71 to Tzaneen. At the T-junction at the foot of the Magoebaskloof Pass, turn left onto the R36 to Modjadjiskloof and from the town follow the signs to Sunland Baobab, which is a few kilometres further.

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