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Täby kyrka (Täby Church)

Täby Kyrkby, Sweden

A medieval church that contains murals from famed artist Albertus Pictor. 


One of the major changes that occured during the Protestant Reformation across Europe was that churches became less grandiose. In some countries, this was achieved by means of iconoclasm. In Sweden, the transformation to Protestantism was a slower, more peaceful process that allowed for the preservation of many medieval items and paintings. The old church in Täby is home to a few amazing, medieval murals that survived the times.

The church dates back to the second half of the 13th-century. It contains an altarpiece from the 1470s and a runestone in the wall. However, what makes this church so unique is the late 16th-century mural paintings that cover the ceiling. Created by Albertus Pictor, it is one of the few medieval churches where his artwork has not been painted over. The images all represent scenes from the bible, along with other religious iconography.

The most iconic fresco in the church is of a man playing chess against Death, with a text balloon above Death that reads, “Jak spelar tik matt” or “I checkmate thee.” 

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