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Built as recently as 2002, the Tchai-Ovna is a small tea house in Scotland inspired by the philosophy of Czech Cajovna.

Created by brothers Robin and Martin Fell, the idea for Tchai-Ovna came after a trip to Prague spent exploring the local food and drink scene. Deciding to capture the exoticism of what they had experienced abroad, the brothers set out to open a teahouse back in Scotland. Tchai-Ovna eventually opened with the help of friends, family, the community, and student loans. 

Tchai-Ovna House of Tea is inspired by the Czech Cajovna—or Czech bohemian set—and aims to combine the exoticism of far-flung locales with the celebration of small businesses. Rejecting mass production is a key element of Czech Cajovna, according to Tchai-Ovna’s site, which is why the teahouse focuses on a menu that celebrates the origins of the teas, as well as putting an emphasis on the homemade. 

Now offering more than 100 teas to choose from, the teahouse is described as “stepping into a Turkish Chaikhana, or a Bedouin cave, or even a Japanese tea house” complete with comfy sofas and Afghan Chai Zanjafeel. Tchai-Ovna hosts a slew of musical, story-telling, and art events that help cultivate the sense of a Bohemian community right in the heart of Glasgow.  

Know Before You Go

Tchai-Ovna House of Tea can be found in Glasgow, Scotland, To get there, head up Great Western Road, crossing the bridge, then turn left down Otago Street. The teahouse can be found at the end of Otago Lane, the last left before Gibson Street, down a cobbled lane. Open Monday through Sunday from 11 am to 11 pm, Tchai-Ovna House of Tea is a great recommendation for vegetarian travelers. 

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