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Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

This elaborate temple was built around one of the Buddha's teeth. 


Located in the appropriately-named-to-Western-ears town of Kandy in Sri Lanka, the Temple of the Tooth offers some sweet Eastern architecture surrounding a religious relic. 

As the legend goes, the Buddha’s tooth was given to the Sri Lankan monarchy in ancient times, and was passed around through various kings and holy men who hid, moved, and relocated the tooth a number of times across the centuries. Now the tooth is housed in a dedicated temple where worshipers can visit the relic, which is held in a golden stupa inside the two-story shrine. Although parts of the shrine were destroyed and rebuilt over the years in various bombings and acts of war, the building still retains its opulent style of gold and moonstone, surrounded by Buddhist carvings and offerings. This piece of peace may be small, but the Temple of the Tooth makes it seem as important as the Buddha himself.

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