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The Big Worm

This kilometer-long university building is an unexpected architectural delight. 


This building is like the post-apolcalyptic hellscape background of a zombie shooter video game, but in a good way.

Of all the many wonderful Oscar Niemeyer-designed buildings in Brasília, the main building of the University Building of Brasília is perhaps the least appreciated, weirdest, and best. It integrates indoor and outdoor space in a surprising way, allowing it to become “ingrown” into its surroundings rather than merely seeming plopped down somewhere.

The graffiti students have added to it, plus the weeds and wildlife (so many cats!) dominating the middle section, make the structure feel both living and loved. Never has concrete exuded such warmth and meditative splendor. Wandering down the long long length of it is the perfect backdrop for contemplation and conversation.

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December 16, 2019

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