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The Fairy Glen - Rosemarkie

Rosemarkie, Scotland

This lovely Scottish nature walk leads to the source of a local legend.  


Given the time and weather, visitors to this area of Scotland should invest a few hours and take the walk up the path of the Rosemarkie Fairy Glen.

Legend has it that the glen was inhabited by fairies, who would keep the water flowing through the glen clean and available for the villagers. Local children would collect flowers and place them in pools of the glen to keep the creatures happy while doing their important work. 

The carpark is well marked and free of charge, with the trailhead not far away. The path is easy with some exposed stones and roots, a few steps, and small bridges, but it’s a relatively simple walk of little over a mile up and back. The path is not handicap accessible.

There is a small waterfall followed by a larger waterfall at the end of the trail, with a lovely stream along the way including a centuries-old millpond. The trail is a local favorite and many people bring their dogs with them for the walk. 

Know Before You Go

The carpark, which is easy to spot and also has a sign, is right off A832, which is Bridge Street in Rosemarkie.

If here, why not go for some more nearby AO sites?  The Clootie Well is just a few miles down A832 to the southwest, while the Oil Rig Graveyard is on the northern shore of the Black Isle.

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