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The Spirit of Enterprise

A large piece of modern art makes this roundabout the only one in the world with its own laser. 


Flying in the face of traditional British roundabout design the circular traffic feature in the United Kingdom town of Haverhill is home to The Spirit of Enterprise, a towering metal sculpture that is illuminated by lights and laser after dark. 

The structure on the gateway roundabout at the entrance to Haverhill from Cambridge is remarkably modern for a traditionally staid English urban planning mainstay. Looking to rebrand the market town as a more hip and vibrant locale the installation was commissioned at a cost of £100,000, a bill that was mainly paid by donations from local businesses. Designed by Rob Olins, following consultation with local schools and organizations, the swooping metal grate wall stands over 36 feet tall and once darkness falls, the entire thing is lit up by blue flood lights while the iconic laser shoots beams across the interior of the coil. While it might not have the aging charm of staid English statuary, The Spirit of Enterprise signals a fearless march into the future for at least one small town.  

Know Before You Go

The roundabout is not easily accessible by foot, particularly at night, as there are no footpaths. The nearest parking is the Epicentre office complex.

For a better look from the A1307 by car, take the Haverhill exit and swing back round from the Sainsbury's roundabout.

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