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The Theatre of Small Convenience

The world's smallest commercial theater is set up in what was once a urinal for Victorian men. 


With only 12 seats, the Theatre of Small Convenience is a cramped little space that sees puppetry and theatre pieces performed in a space that was once a urinal for Victorian men.

Work on the theatre began in 1997, leading to the inaugural performance in 1999 in the tiny transformed space. Sitting right in the city center, the interior of the lavatory has been converted from its roots in Victorian excrement into a lush, one-room wonderland with ornate carved wood accents and rich red curtains. The walls are also painted with bucolic fantasy landscapes featuring a fairytale castle and grinning air spirits.

The little space has been home to performances both amateur and professional, but never for more than a dozen people at a time. In 2002, the theatre was named the smallest commercial theatre building in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Not a bad legacy for a historic space that was formerly best known for being a place where dandies and street urchins peed.    

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Unfortunately, the theatre is now shut.

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