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The Troll Church

Nibe, Denmark

In legend, this ancient dolmen was said to have been created when a troll tried to destroy a church. 


Created some time between 3500-2800 BCE, Troldkirken, or Troll Church, is a crude chamber made of titanic boulders which, according to the legend, were placed by an angry troll.

The Troldkirken is known as the largest of the area’s neolithic long barrows with a capstone that is believed to weigh over 15,000 pounds. Of course such a Herculean creation earned the rock formation a suitably legendary myth. The barrow is said to have been created when a troll living outside the city of Sønderholm became annoyed with the ringing of the city’s church bells. As trolls of legend are so fond of doing, he freaked out and attempted to throw a boulder at the church, but his toss fell short of the city, landing atop the barrow and creating the “Troll Church” dolmen.

The location was the first prehistoric site to be officially protected by the Danish government in 1809, and continues to be a popular destination today. The lovely countryside all around the barrow is breathtaking as well, although it would be wise to leave your church bells at home if you plan on exploring this scenic bit of prehistory.

Know Before You Go

Troldkirken is located 12 km west of Aalborg. Drive from Aalborg towards the city of Nibe.

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