The Wizard of Park Avenue – New York, New York - Atlas Obscura
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New York, New York

The Wizard of Park Avenue

A whimsical, but often overlooked clock in Park Avenue. 

Designed by McKim, White and Mead, (the designers of the Washington Arch) the Wizard of Park Avenue sits on a clock, watching over the pedestrians walking down the sidewalks The wizard is overlooked by most passerbys, but if you look up, you can see the Wizard in his robes. If you catch sight of him on the hour, you may see him performing some magic… 

Update: This was removed during renovation, was never replaced as of April 15 2016.

Update 2017: The wizard was replaced and moves on the hour.

 Update July , 2017: The wizard can be seen on the building at 32nd Street and Park Avenue South. 

Know Before You Go

Accessible from 4,6 Trains at 33rd Street Station